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  • Castlefield Rescue Centre

    Castlefield Rescue Centre
    Can you give
    a dog a home?

    Rather than buying a new dog, have you considered adopting a rescue dog?

    Our Rescue Centre is the ideal place to find your new addition to the family. Adopting a rescue dog can be thoroughly rewarding.

Dogs For Rehoming

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, Castlefield Kennels is the ideal place to find your new addition to the family. Adopting a rescue dog can be thoroughly rewarding, forming a bond between the dog and their owner that never fades.

Our passionate dog carers are never happier when finding a new, loving home for a stray animal. We encourage all people interested in adopting a dog to visit our kennels in West Hallam, getting a better understanding of what’s involved and the responsibilities of dog adoption.

As a responsible care provider, we want to make sure each dog finds a safe, permanent home in which to live the rest of their life. To this end, we endeavour to find and recommend a suitable match, taking into account the size, type of property and area you live in.

Whether you have a young family and require a smaller dog that will be safe around children, or perhaps an older, quieter dog needing shorter walks, we’re confident in finding the right dog for you.

“We Do Everything We Can To Re-Home Our Dogs”

At Castlefield Kennels, we provide care, comfort and support to all dogs that are brought into our kennels. We have a fully qualified and experienced veterinarian “on site” to tend to the animals whenever required (the medical costs of which are incurred solely by ourselves). Nursing all dogs back to health, wherever possible, represents our proactive commitment to re-homing them, often going beyond the resources and funding allocated to us by the Local Authorities.

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