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  • Cat Boarding Service

    Cat Boarding Service
    ● Purpose built cattery
    ● Cattery open 365 days a year
    ● On site vet
    ● Clean and comfortable
    ● Short and long stays available
    ● Food supplied at no additional cost
    ● Large heated pens with split levels
    ● Family cats board together
    ● Keep in touch with Facebook
  • Cat Boarding Service

    Small Pets Welcome
    ● Hamsters, gerbils and mice
    ● Rabbits and guinea pigs
    ● Budgies, parrots, cockatiels
    ● Ducks and chickens
    ● Housed indoors
    ● Secure outdoor run area
    ● Cages cleaned regularly
    ● Food supplied at no additional cost
    ● Keep in touch with Facebook

Cattery & Boarding For Small Pets

We love cats too! Our purpose built cattery is well suited for our sensitive friends and we have pens which can house up to three cats at any given time.

Clean and secure, each pen is an ‘upstairs/downstairs’ environment. ‘Upstairs’ is a private sleeping quarter for your cat, furnished with a comfy, blanketed bed and lookout post. ‘Downstairs’ comprises of a mid sitting shelf, scratch post, toys, feeding point and litter tray.

Heated throughout the cattery, and individually under each sleeping quarter, your cat will be warm and cosy. To let the outside in we have adjustable shades fronting the cattery to allow them to enjoy the sun and fresh air or to keep out the terrible weather!

All diets are catered for with high quality meats and dry complete or mixer biscuits, however if you wish to bring along any treats or specialised food that is fine too!.

We are able to administer medication on request and also provide an isolation unit for any poorly pets. Small pets are also welcome to join us.

Housed indoors, it becomes home from home, and they receive plenty of attention and care. Hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and guinea pigs can come to stay in their own cages, as can all birds.

Rabbits, ducks and chickens can enjoy one of our pens with a large indoor area of bedding and straw, together with a run attached for outdoor exercise and entertainment.

We do not provide small pet food due to the variety of small pet food you can purchase, we ask that you bring your small pets food with you along with any vegetables or treats they may like.

Keep In Touch With Your Pets Through Social Media
Your pet can even keep in touch during their stay, sending you Facebook updates and picture
messages on a daily basis to show you they’re having the time of their life.
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